The Prophet Of Babylon has been rather quiet in regards to striking down a major (Rockefeller-like Mafioso) industry power player like #BIGPETROLEUM. We just cannot remain silent on this wicked evil world actor any more. The Prophet Of Babylon will reveal the truth by informing and educating—and while pointing out the greed, corruption and monopolistic strategies of collusive, price-fixing and other sinful evil practices that make #BIGOIL the worst kind of modern and Heinous Gospel War Criminals: #Cancer&CarcinogenPromotingBadActors

“What is done in the dark shall be brought to the Light”

 It is high time to place #BigPetroleum on “Official World Notice” as a net result of examining the scientific and empirical correlation between crude oil, toxic synthetic plastics and the overall toxic and carcinogenic net results that go largely *unreported* as the ultimate and likely causes of CANCER and other unholy cellular mutations that take place in the human body!

The ungodly and deliberate strategic leveraging of marketing campaigns against the babies/toddlers, old men, young men, rich and poor alike is the mother harlot of abominations. How low are the depths of our Adversary? Only ABBA Father God really knows. And it probably makes Him altogether sick and disgusted. He allows this kind of evil to exist until a few good men stand up and report the TRUTH!

Sad but true net analysis results make #BIGPETROLEUM one of the biggest contenders of  “world-wide street brawling” by the way of the promotion of wicked and deceptive marketing strategies of all-time. They by far have been and remain one of the most grossly underestimated promoters of cancer-causing products of all time. And we thought Hitler was bad. Eyh yei yei! Equally sinister and wickedly evil are companies that lurk in the darkness and peddle crude oil products/plastic derivatives as “safe and effective”. These abominational product lines have been ‘haymaker after haymaker’ ‘cheap sucker punches’ to ALMIGHTY GOD’S PEOPLE for decades now! They target babies and hold back nothing neither harmful nor toxic. They take in billions in profits with no remorse whatsoever regarding these ‘High and Heinous Gospel War Crimes’ that they are systematically guilty of and hereby charged with.

This Official Notice is two-fold and is a “Call to Holy Action” to formally cease and desist the use of petroleum derivatives for food and beverage delivery systems. Stop peddling plastics and crude oil product lines. There needs to be a demand and consensus to return to glass based food and beverage containers and delivery systems. There is absolutely no excuse for the continued production of petroleum based products to ABBA’S People.  Kapeesh?

The heinous force-feeding of petroleum based products from “petroleum jelly to petroleum plastic water bottles” to their large and fully targeted demographic of ‘The Saints Of The Most High’ (and the rest of the world) by use of traditions & customs and all sorts of deceptions of the world with street brawler “Sucker Punches”!!

The hydrogen cell fuel solution (aka WATER CAR HYDROGEN TECHNOLOGY) is actually a plausible and sustainable Messianic-Lifestyle Approved kind of fueled vehicle. (according to its patent claims) and the summary research that we conducted…. AND IT IS JUST MAKES PLAIN COMMON SENSE!!!1

The big oil tycoons and companies would wish this were not a legitimate and “NATURAL” solution to DEBUNK the ‘global’ hoax of Climate Change and the abomination of continued “space racing” (The use of jet fuel cells by NASA scientists & bureaucrats). The tragedy lies in the fact that many of the highway crashes of modern gasoline powered ‘automobiles’ could have been averted and entirely avoided by employing clean energy technologies and solutions! How many lives of The Saints Of The Most High have been adversely affected and/or cut short by BIG PETROLEUM’S illicit and sinful strategies to cover up clean-fuel sources that are *not* “flammable and non-combustible” #LifeSavingTechnologies

Maybe the patented, POLLUTION FREE, hydrogen fuel source: