You know what you are missing from your ‘Holy Walk’ with The Good Shepard? An Official Moshe (Moses) Walking Stick!!! Get your custom cut Moshe Walking Stick ordered today so you too can walk proudly as a Holy Man with complete confidence as you represent and show off your peculiar kind of faith! All you need to do is submit your order so we can customize your Walk In The Way of the Master with complete confidence. Just submit a love offering for any amount and we will carve out the perfect sized walking stick that will make you the envy of your town and your Local Church for that matter!!!

P.S. the Moshe Walking Stick comes in two sizes: 1.) for those 6 feet tall or taller; 2.) for those less than 6 feet tall.

YES! You too can show off your faith by demonstrating your commitment to holiness by example. Hot off the chiseling block then delivered right to your door! Don’t delay–place your order via PayPal today!!!

Make a generous Agape Love Offering at

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