God gave me some direct revelation about the “Spiritual Egypt” that I was unknowingly carried off into. Most of modern day society has unknowingly been carried away captive into a horrifyingly similar type of slavery because of being blinded by secret sin. I was a victim of this kind of sin for far too many years. 

Satan used drugs and alcohol to blind me while he had me held captive in dry and barren spiritual Egypt. I didn’t even know what he did to me as I was too busy enjoying my sin pleasures. Or so I thought…

The amphetamines and booze effectively numbed my soul and I was not even able to figure out that I was bound. He is slicker than I thought and unfortunately we have all underestimated his hatred for us, due to pride and overall lack of knowledge regarding this all important eternal matter.

When we sin we are seeking pleasure outside of God’s provisions. It’s called rebellion and ABBA hates it. It breaks His heart. 

There is a solution however: and it’s available to all of us by tapping into the power of prayer! Pray for revelation and wisdom regarding what secret sin actually does in your respective lives. That way, you don’t have to have an experience like I had and almost die. 

In summary, sin *seems* to offer a lot of various pleasure, but it comes with some very heavy baggage. 

Spiritual Egypt is a very dry and deceiving valley of darkness. You don’t have to stay there. Pray and ask God to show you what secret sin really does to us. You will be glad that you did!

Love and blessings.