‘If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

2 Chronicles 7:14

1)Humble themselves means two things here guys and gals: get on your knees and pray like you mean it! It also refers to fasting–afflicting oneself by abstaining/sacrificing from food for a while.

2)Repent means to “express sorrow and turn away from our sins” Abba knows if we are committed for the long haul or not. Why should He set you free if you *plan* on returning to your wicked ways? Hint “wicked ways” just means “SINFUL”. Period.

3) To ‘seek His face’ is to get fed by reading and spending time with your Creator in His Love Letter to us–the HOLY BIBLE!

4) Then He will hear them/listen attentively, forgiveness=the load gets lifted. So He can heal and send deliverance and revival!!

Deliverance doesn’t always look the same for everyone. It all depends on the Almighty and trust me, He knows how to create us, sustain us, and don’t forget who actually delivers new born babies–GOD has them getting nourished by a custom cord that’s known as an umbilical cord.

There was once a man by the name of Willie Seymore. Willie was a God-fearing man who was deeply saddened by all of the sin and his community’s lack of respect for one another. No one was getting along and it was a time when drugs and alcohol were causing more sin and crime–so Willie began to fast, and fast he did! He fasted and he prayed–fasted and he prayed…for over 8 days as revival legend has told it. Rumor has it that Old Willie weeped and prayed–asking God for just ONE thing: REVIVAL! Revival is a word that represents a promise from God in His Word that “in the last days He would pour out His Spirit upon all flesh”. Revival brings about unity among human beings and it also changes the course of History. This act of personal sacrifice by an emotionally saddened man in the year 1906 finally got God’s attention. Old Willie may not have had much in terms of worldly possessions, but he had a commodity that makes Angels swoon and God Almighty smile like nothing else: the heavenly commodity of faith! God sent His Spirit to Azusa Street in such a monumental way that a concept known as “critical mass” was birthed and not only did Willie get his wish, but so did many millions of others because faith is what it takes to make it in the world both yesterday, today and forever.

To fully cover the “Key’s to Revival”, we are going to explain in a slightly different style what 2 Chronicles 7:14 really is saying.

The passage has been loosely explained and more often times than not, misunderstood by many people. Even those who are among the clergy. It’s not anyone’s fault. Some things in life we have to learn the hard way…but when you learn something the hard way, you can spare others the hardship of missing out on the eternal blessings otherwise they may not inherit due to lack of knowledge.

God knows His people, and His people who know Him are called by His Name. This is the easy part to understand. What many overlook is the wording: “HUMBLE THEMSELVES”. To humble oneself is to do two things:

1). Hit your knees in prayer

2.) Afflict your own soul by fasting

Fasting can be accomplished in a variety of ways…from a full blown straight Biblical fast of no food and only water to more custom and personal sacrificial fast: perhaps by starting slowly by abstaining from certain foods and beverages that you typically enjoy to show the initial baby-step like commitment to seeing results! Some have reported that fasting social media and other technologies have been successful in garnering results as well!

Results, you may ask? What kind of results? The kind of results that are mind blowing when an entire nation gives fasting a second and closer look.

Old man Willie wanted to see results so bad that he decided to give up what God told him what was needed in order to see that fasting doesn’t cost–it pays! Rumor has it that coffee (which is the world’s most widely accepted and most addictive, yet subtle of all drugs) was to be avoided for Willie’s prayers to be answered. Sounds silly, maybe even a little crazy, huh? Well, folks a drug is a drug, regardless of how you package it–and if a drug, it can alter the mind and the way people think.

Crazy thing about coffee: we think we need it to wake up in the morning, get through the day, or stay up cramming for that all so important final exam. Guys, coffee is a stimulant and it makes us think we are accomplishing more by tricking our minds into believing that we need another cup in order to fit in and conform with the vendors efforts to stay in business. Hard to believe, ain’t it? Don’t take my word for it, do what I did, and eliminate it from your diet and from your life–but before you do, do some research on what types of toxins are present in the ever so acceptable “cup of joe”. It may just open your eyes to the fact that social norms are anything but normal.

Moral of the Azusa Street Revival story? In order to usher in revival, you gotta get God’s attention some how. And Old Willie must have really captured God’s Heart in those 8 or so days of prayer and fasting….because the history books state that alcoholic men were intoxicated and literally were led out of taverns and bars to get the real SPIRITUAL touch from Yeshua that meant deliverance, repentance and a desire to serve in the capacity they were born to as set free and blood bought so they didn’t want to go back to that former lifestyle! Can I get an “AMEN”!