How you feel about wearing a mask? Do you wear one everywhere you go? Ever feel uncomfortable wearing one? Are they required at your place of employment? What about at church or synagogue?

Ever notice that nowadays, some people wear a mask while walking their dog outside along the sidewalk?

Do you know anyone who has gotten ill or tested positive for corona virus or COVID-19?

I don’t personally know too much about viruses or how they come about—but I have heard from some people whom I love who have recently had symptoms of the corona virus.

And they are reporting that it’s comparable to the flu, yet just more uncomfortable and scary because of all of the things that are happening in this global health crisis.


Do you get a flu shot every year or whenever they are offered? I have heard from many people who swear by the–and others who avoid them like the plague (seriously, no pun intended).

I personally have committed to praying Psalm 91 for quite some time now—and I, by doing so, have been rewarded by Almighty God for my own personal commitment to prayer by His answering faithfully every day. As a result of my prayers being answered I have even greater rock solid faith foundation on The WORD Of GOD!

The reason that I call my faith walk: (BLIND FAITH) is because it has been like taking a leap off of tall burning building, and relying upon gravity, God-speed and a big invisible safety net to save me from all and any possible calamities.

Plagues, famine and pestilence…

I’m not sure about how you all feel, but I personally don’t feel very comfortable putting on a face covering.

Maybe, it’s because I have beard, or maybe because I have, like many Christians have worn a mask many times and have held back from telling others what I struggle with and what bothers me.

When I really look at the promises that I have been claiming in faith regarding the divine protection offered from the “911/24-7 direct to Heaven” prayer line that takes only about 5 minutes and a humbled set of knees per day—I feel more confident and free from having to call or wait on an Urgent Care scare, high cost and long wait doctor who has nothing to compare to the care of the Great Divine Physician’s no cost protection plan that keeps His patients free from any kind of bill or chill—He never will stick you with a needle, only heals delivers and provides preventative free medical care.

By praying PSALM 91 faithfully every day, GOD‘s PEOPLE will be able to keep pestilence and plagues like corona virus “COVID-19” and unnecessary “worldly medicine” vaccine shots away!! I have prayed the Psalm with my daily prayers, and have essentially gone mask free as well as COVID (corona) free!!!