The world as we know it has been on a downward spiral for quite some time now. We have witnessed over the last two centuries jaw-dropping changes in the way that mankind has been able to make significant advancements in travel, medicine, publishing, and much, much more. In just two hundred years, we have drifted away from small town relationships where the milk man dropped off home deliveries of milk, everyone knew their local butcher by name and even blocks of ice arrived on schedule to keep everything cold. Even babies were delivered at home with the aid of a doctor’s house call or a mid-wive’s hands on expertise. We have advanced from riding on horses and plowing our farms with manual plows to big tractors with REAL horsepower that do all the heavy lifting that used to take a farmer’s sweat from sunup to sundown to reap a crop harvest. Now, our dirt roads are paved and the highways have made it so much more socially acceptable to allow for bigger homes and longer commutes to the office as modern powered vehicles now travel at exorbitantly high rates of speed, complete with air conditioning, GPS and they even have televisions in them! Who would have thought that we would in just 100 years or so, come so far?

We have discovered the ability to harness energy sources on the Earth that would blow away the minds of our ancestors. In such a relatively short period of time, we have gone from burning candles to “light our way” to the flipping a switch ‘on and off’ that “magically” illuminates our homes. Homes, like modern traveling advancements, have become much more sophisticated and convenient. Speaking of technological advancements in travel alone, we are now able to jump on an airplane and fly across the Earth to a totally diverse nation in just a matter of HOURS with relative comfort and low cost fares. With the advent of the jet and gasoline engines coupled with the discovery of crude oil–petroleum products have lent mankind many “luxuries” that we all too often forget about just how easy we have it! I used to think that it was a miracle for an automobile tire to hold air and provide for smooth travel on often sometimes bumpy highways and byways. I guess I look at the world different than others, but maybe not so much. Many of these advancements that mankind has made have been for the greater good, at least for the most part. Many of man’s modern achievements have been prophesied by prophets of old, such as Prophet Nahum’s words regarding automobiles (chariots) and even the patterns of travel which we now navigate on our modern highway traffic routes to and from work and home.

“The chariots shall rage in the streets, they shall justle one against another in the broad ways: they shall seem like torches, they shall run like the lightnings.” Nahum 2:4 KJV

The above verse can be seen as both ancient and new age when we look at the context and words carefully chosen. Chariots are nowadays as “automobiles” wherewith we “weave” in and out of traffic (justle against one another in the broad (high) ways. Torches have been replaced with halogen lamps that glow in the dark at lightning speeds. I think it’s interesting how we can see how History has been shaped throughout the centuries just by looking at the Holy Bible’s amazing way of keeping record of what has and will to come.

We all our familiar with the old cliche “you say tomato, I say tomatoe”. Speaking of tomatoes, think about for a second how a pizza is made. In this modern age, if we get hungry for a piece of pizza, we have a variety of options at our fingertips. We can call the local pizza delivery service and place a custom order that arrives within minutes–or we can opt for a quick trip to the local grocery store for a frozen pizza that we can bake in the oven or even microwave it. Slow paced living and few options have given way to instant gratification and more choices than we can even begin count.

From choosing to make our own crust to using tomato sauce from the jar…now we have options, options, options! But without options, life would be boring wouldn’t it? We have so many blessings to be able to choose from–just in the sheer number of options as to how we like our pizza. We have really become quite a spoiled and entitled culture–no matter where on Earth we may find ourselves, haven’t we?

Pizza is a fun and good family oriented food here in America. Americans used to eat their meals together at the dinner table–altogether as one family unit. What happened to those days? The days of family, community, close friends and neighbors that we can and could always count on seem to have given way to a climate of HURRY, HURRY, HURRY! Friendly, face to face, “small talk” has been often times been reduced to texting from our smart devices and this often times lacks of intimate encounters that keep relationships, friends and families from being as closely knit together in these times of questionable certainty for many who are lacking faith, wondering just what the hell is going on…

What happened that precipitated the falling away of family values where Dad goes to work, Mom takes care of the house and kids, and the kids all behave according to the rules that Mom and Dad held them accountable to based on Biblical values such as “the Golden Rule and the 10 Commandments?”

Slowly but surely, it seems like God got kicked out of the dining room, then He got kicked out of the schools and then the courthouses and no one seemed to notice what had taken place. When this happened, TV dinners came on the scene and voila! family’s in this nation became broken and addicted to whatever the culture had to offer them: “instant gratification”. Sadly, marijuana, cocaine and other drugs quickly became a surrogate for true, authentic family values, communication and personal intimacy–wholesomeness and purity eventually gave way to slow and painful (yet largely unnoticed) all out war being declared by Hell and the Devil without the world at large even knowing what had occurred. (Hint: see my post on (MODERN DAY SPIRITUAL WARFARE) for ideas and solutions on how to effect change regarding this topic).

Can anyone guess what actually took place after that chess piece was stolen off the board of “core family values?” Women all of a sudden became compelled to abandon their ships at home and were needed in the workforce to bridge the gap between the increased cost of living as the culture demanded faster and faster lifestyles. Consumption of material goods led the charge for higher salaries and longer hours. This movement of women leaving home and going corporate “elevated” the corporate world’s need of greed, power and money to all time highs. Now, with bigger homes and longer commutes–two automobiles were needed for going back and forth to work. Sadly, most Americans never studied the Bible as we are supposed to, because if we had, we would being observing a totally different landscape than what we are witnessing today. See, women were not created to compete with men. They were created to be “help-meets” and to be lifelong, loyal partners to their husbands. When promotions were granted due to the expansion of more rungs being added to the corporate ladder–many women began to emerge as leaders in the workforce. When a woman is put into a position of power/authority over men–events can begin to ensue that many people aren’t aware of because of the lack of understanding, knowledge and education.

We have collectively turned our backs on Our Creator–more often than not without even realizing it. See, what the enemy of our souls doesn’t want us to know is that programming takes place when God is forced into 2nd place. GOD specifically made women to be subservient to their husbands–not to a corporate chain commanded by men that is based upon a system of higher and higher profits over all else–systematically, more value is placed on pleasing a Board of Directors/Shareholders and their demands than life itself. Not to mention the womanizing conducted by corporate executives and their predatorial cohorts–who are secretly disguised as “nice guys” who leave the house to go cheat on their wives. The wolves on Wall Street stole the main character out of the family unit right before Main Street’s eyes. In more ways than one, corporate greed took away from the family needs.

So, because of the fact that both American men and women have been “spiritually blinded” to “spiritual principles”–we have on our hands quite a huge problem here in this country and all over the Earth.

Women are such a blessing to the world–*especially* when they are in proper submission, Biblical speaking, (that is) to their husbands. Let’s explore the ramifications of lack of adherence to proper Biblical submission. When a women is put in charge of a situation, and given a flattering “corporate” title–the enemy will often seize to exploit the opportunity to speak into her life (sometimes without her even knowing it). Now at face value, this sounds a little ‘off the chain’, but as harmless as it may seem–when coupled with new found ego, pride and delegated authority over her subordinates–along with expectations from her superiors (other than her husband)–we have the ingredients for potential disastrous repercussions.

This is by no means always the case, however it happens often and before people can realize what can and does take place–it’s more often than not, too late. When the core family unit of what God Almighty calls a “Church” becomes divided against itself–a slow yet highly predictable pattern of separation and inevitably divorce takes place. When a husband and a wife spend less time together at home and more time apart from household duties and family affairs–they become more and more estranged over time due to external corporate, cultural and societal influences. Sadly, this coupled with the pandemic spread of opiate and other highly addictive drugs becoming commonplace everywhere you look–families continue to fall apart and it really breaks the heart of Our Heavenly Father. He hates divorce, and the attack on the spiritual head of the household (Church) has never really been addressed with any kind of true Apostolic leadership here on Earth since Yeshua Messiah called His original 12 Disciples into the Apostolic Ministry. He gave them the marching orders on how to plant and care for the most important part of any community: The Family Unit–A Church begins at Home.