ELOHIM (GOD) declared in His documented Word that “It is He that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:”. Isaiah 40:22 KJV

I have been fasting from coffee for nearly 9 months now. Coffee may or may not be the reason why Our Creator has revealed to me in many ways that the Earth is not a “ball” as the typical old office antique desktop “globe” would allude us to believe is a actual model of.

There are many Bible verses that we can refer to in order to conclude that the “global” basketball shaped-liked sphere argument is a bald faced lie. But, let’s use some common sense and some basic logic as well as some empirical evidence to get to the truth so we are all on the same page in History.

For one, nautical jargon can assist greatly in this matter. The term “visibility” and a run of the mill, ordinary digital compass makes a “ball shaped” or globe theory quickly fall apart at its seams when under close scrutiny. Take a digital compass (I have one on my iPhone 7c) and apply a simple scientific test. If you notice, no matter what angle you hold the phone at–be it pointing toward the sky (horizontally) or level with the terrain (perpendicularly)–the compass needle always responds the same.

If you are wanting to travel north to let’s say Canada for instance, you would consult the GPS navigator on your smart phone and let the digitally narrated directions take you there, with out having to think about using a compass, right? That’s what I have always done–until I took notice of the compass feature on my smart phone.

No matter which way you point it: North, South, East or West–the compass is tuned to accuracy. If the Earth were in fact shaped like a basketball, then imagine pointing your compass when down in Antarctica, to the South and where would it take you? Well, to the Southern most part of the circle of the Earth. Personally, I believe that there are certain types of land and polar ice cap-like boundaries that contain the sea water (oceans) and roll on the land “isles” or as the world calls them: “continents” also known as nations/countries et cetera. Now, if I were to be wrong in my assumption, then one would have to fully explain a boat or a ship would be able to travel from the Southern most part of say, Antarctica, up to the Northern most part of Canada without violating the laws of gravity–cause how can a ship float upside down as it is traveling under the “so called” ball shaped model?

See how we are all told things since we are born that aren’t always quite true? In this case, we were able to prove with just a little common sense and a digital compass that the Earth is not what NASA and others might want us to believe is their idea of truth. All glory be to God on this one too, as we should never forget to inquire Him for wisdom–and be sure to thank El Shaddai for granting us wisdom to be able to comprehend and dissect an ancient lie that the enemy has used to make us all believe that God’s Earth is something other than what He declared in His Word it to be: created it to be: “a circle”–mysterious and very complex, yet probably pretty plain simple for the Holy One Of Israel a.k.a the “Man Upstairs.”

Post Script: Please find below a few samples of what the actual “linear Earth model” looks like from a more realistic and truthful perspective. Notice how the submarine cable lines (also known as the Trans-Atlantic cable lines) are actually routed underneath the oceans’ floor. They were laid many decades ago initially for the foundation of the original telephone company’s lines that made “long-distance” calls overseas possible, but #Truthbetold, they were probably also laid with the foresight in mind of paving the way for the *very backbone* of the “information super-highway” that we now call the Internet today. Makes you wonder where and how “cloud servers” are inter-connected, doesn’t it?

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